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I have decades of English teaching experience, and I can teach business English with topics like supply chain management, international business, corporate responsibility, corporate culture, artificial intelligence, green companies, internet entrepreneurs, etc.

If more general English is required, I have a plethora of lessons available in current events, historic events, people, places, and things, so we can learn about and discuss topics such as coronavirus, gene patenting, human genetic engineering, consumerism, driverless cars, climate change, censorship, bullying, composting, the Great Wall, Stonehenge, the Great Barrier Reef, the Parthenon, the Pyramids, etc.

I have over 569 lessons for everyone from Beginner to Advanced English levels, and each lesson covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking, so the student will be well-rounded when we finish. My teaching philosophy is communicative and I believe in edutainment which means you will talk and laugh a lot. I believe when we are entertained and having a good time, we learn better, so why not laugh while we learn?!!?

Below are categories and some examples of lesson names for the various levels:

Lessons for Young Beginners:

  • Phonics & Pronunciation-from alphabet to phonics stories
  • Super Simple Questions (PRE BEG – BEG) What is Your Name?

Lessons for Young Intermediate:

  • Functional English(BEG – INT)Describing Experiences, Using a Computer
  • Everyday Dialogues(BEG – HIGH INT) Daily routines, doctors’ visit, dentist visit, going to a restaurant
  • Living in English(LOW INT – HIGH INT) Disneyland, Las Vegas, Mardi Gras

Lessons for Intermediate-Advanced:

  • Health Matters(INT – ADV) Being Sick, Coronavirus, Getting a Physical
  • Role-Plays(INT – ADV) Work, School, Socializing, Travel
  • Discussions & Debates:
  • Discussion Starters(INT – ADV) Ex: Coronavirus, Gene Patenting, Climate Change
  • Mini-Debates(INT – ADV) Genetic Engineering, Consumerism
  • Lessons for Business Learners:
  • Writing in English(BEG – ADV) Handling Customer Complaints, Emails, Letters, and other official business documents
  • Reading in English (LOW INT – ADV)  Identifying the Author’s Purpose, Using a Dictionary
  • Business Matters (INT – ADV) Corporate Responsibility, Green Companies, Internet Business
  • Pre-Employment in Canada(LOW INT – INT)
  • English at Work(INT – ADV) Taking Phone Orders, Customer Complaints, Evaluations

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